Stop bots in their tracks

Protect your website instantly.

  • Negate works with any website

    Whether you're on Shopify, Wordpress, or another solution, Negate has you covered.

  • Get started in 5 minutes or less

    If at any moment you need assistance setting up, our expert engineers are on standby ready to help.

Protect Your Marketing Budget

Our state-of-the-art technology accurately detects and prevents bot clicks, ensuring that you are only paying for genuine, human traffic.

Protect Intellectual Property

Negate gives you the option to fully redirect bots off your site, stopping scraping bots instantly.

Enterprise Level Protection

Negate offers competitive pricing that scales with your business.

24/7 Dedicated Support Mangers

To ensure you're protected around the clock.


01Implement Your Protection

Negate makes protecting your site easy. After signing up, simply put in the website you want to protect. Then copy and paste your unique protection script onto your website. Our engineers are on standby if you need assistance.

  • Clear Documentation
  • Expert Support On Standby

02Adjust Your Shield Settings On The Go!

Every business is different. That's why Negate let's you control your level of protection. Powered by AI, you can adjust your protection settings to your liking.

  • Set your custom threshold
  • Simple and adaptive format for mobile

03Observe the Results

Make informed business decisions based off a variety of charts and graphs that Negate provides. See exactly who and where your traffic is coming from.

  • Easy to read, constantly in sync
  • Access your data from any device

Advanced protection

Negate simplifies advanced protection with a variety of suitable options for businesses of all types.

Integrates with all major marketing platforms

Keep your marketing data clean. We'll protect you and your business wherever you need us.

A.I. tailored to your business

Choose protection settings that are right for your buinsess. If you need advice, let us know.

Solutions for enterprises

Need something a little extra? We offer dedicated servers for optimum performance, custom rulesets, account managers, and much more.

Transparent Pricing

Pay by the month, cancel whenever. No questions asked. Negate is proud to have partnered with Recurly to ensure PCI compliance for all our customers.

Let's talk?

Have specific questions before you sign up? Let us know.

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